Monday, January 21, 2013

Late Night Monday Morning Waffles Week 3 with Ace Whirls

So here we are three weeks into the WAFL season.  Things are getting pretty interesting in each conference and we had some major shakeups with the first few trades of the year this week.  The Iron decided to go after Mitchell Harrison from the Hornets while Inferno sits out five weeks with an injury.  The Immortals acquired veteran defensive tackle Tank Tankerson from Las Vegas for Dan Noble, Andrew Hawkins, and Zemante Ndukwe.  And the big shocker  Las Vegas traded struggling two year star Marcus Berry to Minnesota for defensive end Scott Cooley who should bring a much needed pass rush to Vegas.  Let's recap the week that was.

STI @ CIN:  Paul Young's homecoming was somewhat lackluster in a 21-10 loss.  While Young threw for 208 yards and managed the game well.  It was some rather fishy calls in Cincinnati favor which lead a bad taste in the Surge fans mouths.  Marvel Palmer became the first running back this season to accumulate over 200 yards rushing in a game.  Cincy still stands undefeated.

OSK @ EDM:  Osaka's offensive line gave up eight sacks in their 23-13 loss to Edmonton.  Bubba Jones threw for 221 yards in the win and Chris Noel added 124 yards on the ground.  The Shoguns were concerned about Conner Pyatt who found distraught after finding out his internet girlfriend had passed away shortly before the game started.  Edmonton moves up in the Western conference.

PHI @ DUB:  Philadelphia edged out Dublin 20-14.  The Iron will have to deal with the injury to franchise quarterback Ivan Inferno who is out five weeks, when asked for a comment from owner Max Winter, he gave me a juvenile response that is unprofessional.  Graham Holiday threw for 287 yards in the loss.

LOU @ LOS:  So much for a shootout.  21-0  Immortal victory but you can't be mad with how both defenses performed,  it was a lack of offense on the Louisville side of the ball that ruined the Wolfpack's chances.  The Wolfpack was gracious in defeat giving nothing but praise to the Immortals and owner Dave Arnold.

LVD @ MIN:  The Diablos almost had the win,  holding a 3-0 lead in a mostly defensive battle, the offenses exploded in the 4th.  Down 15-12,  Brian Swan picked off a Michael O'Connor pass and returned it for a touchdown which would be the difference.  The Diablos drop to 0-3 and gave up 278 passing yards to Nate Kemp.  The Diablos then traded Marcus Berry on Monday, someone clearly wanted to move on.

QCC @ STL:  The Hornets are the feel good story of the season so far with a 23-17 win.  After a very rough 2012 campaign, owner Daley Holder is nothing but smiles as his Hornets are on the right track.  Bruce Johnson threw for 242 yards in the win.  Matt Forte added 122 yards on the ground.  As for the Corsairs, they tried to hold on but just couldn't come back.

CLE @ DEL:  Despite the loss of JoJo Benton and Kellen Davis, Darius Rider prevailed with a 344 yard passing performance over the lackluster Cleveland defense.  As for Cleveland, someone needs to wake the echoes in Ohio.  The Stallions should go look for some defensive fire power because right now,  it's a two horse race for worst record,  Las Vegas or Cleveland.

Things to ask going into Week 4

-  Has Las Vegas finally hit the wall?
-  Can Mitchell Harrison win in Philadelphia?
-  Can Louisville get the offense going?
-  Who wins first:  Cleveland or Las Vegas?
-  Los Angeles the team to beat?

I'm Ace Whirls,  it's only my opinion.

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